Re:virus: Selective Memri

From: Casey (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 10:03:14 MDT

My remarks to you were to clarify a point that should and has been addressed in the recent past.

Fellow members, Joe Dees and Transdimensional Elf, have sent numerous articles to the list. All forwarded without much explanation from the sender's point of view. Hermit politely asked they discontinue such practices. I'm only asking the same. Personally, I enjoy reading the articles. But, there are those who do not have the necessary time, nor bandwidth, to read each and every one. A simple link, abstract, and a synopsis of yer view on the matter would be beneficial.

I thought that this was covered in several emails sent to the CoV email list. Right, Hermit?


ps. my day is going very well...and yours, Mermaid? :)

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