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Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 09:14:05 MDT

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Subject: virus: Selective Memri

> [Mermaid]I urge everyone to read the article.

Thanks for the article, but a healthy "fuck you" for the sly dig below :)

>Especially Jonathan Davis and
> Joe Dees as they seem to be the most affected in their views picked up
> the poisoned platter of media offerings.

You have no idea how I keep myself informed. I do not 'pick up my views'.
You are suggesting that Joe and I uncritically absorb the opinions of the
organs we read (selected from a poisoned platter), suggesting in the process
that we are idiots incapable of balanced and rational thinking who
quasi-mindlessly push propaganda.

This is of course defamatory and designed to discredit us so as to avoid
having to deal with our arguments. An old but effective tactic/fallacy.

As a fellow on this forum I expect better of you.



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