Re: virus: FOX Special - "Conspiracy Theory: DID WE LAND ON THE MOON?"

From: Mark Collins (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 17:49:31 MDT

On Monday 12 August 2002 11:27 pm, you wrote:
> Ps/ I've just been lying in the garden watching the Perseids meteor shower
> (its 10pm here in the UK)
> saw 4 'shooting stars' in about 40 minutes and 2 of them were really quite
> impressive. I recommend going out in your garden and having a lie down some
> time tonight, if you haven't already. I you see one you can wish for peace
> in the middle east, or even just on the CoV mailing list...

It's too cloudy here :/

Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
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