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> [rhinoceros]On the other hand, Daniel Pipes does use this evidence as
> an argument. Is it fair to assume that he uses unsupported arguments,
> or is there some other explanation?
> [Mermaid]Yes. There is another explanation. Daniel Pipes is a raving
> neo-con. The conservatives shake in their boots(!!!) when they sniff a
> neo-con within a million mile radius. Refer:
> (pre 9/11 to give an idea about how easy it was for neo-cons to grab
> reins after 9/11) Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, William
> Buckley(founder, National Review..enough said), William Safire, Jonah
> Goldberg etc are some of the more high profile polemics posing as
> journalists. This is the authority Joe Dees relies for backing up his
> political pov. One should be better informed about WHAT Daniel Pipes
> stands for before one begins to lap up what
> preaches. This is for them.
> re is a website devoted to Iran
> and related news.
> "Fareed Marjaee is an Urban Planner and researcher; previously, a
> member of the Executive Committee of the New Democratic Party of the
> City of Toronto."
        That is an interesting article, Mermaid. I. if course, was against
most of the past policies the article associates with the neocon aganda
(listed here):
During the Reagan administration, the extremist attitude of the
> Neo-con clique produced policy that found pronouncements and support
> for “constructive engagement” with Apartheid, support for the Contras
> in Nicaragua, Duvalier (FRAP) of Haiti, the Israeli siege of Beirut in
> 1982, and the proliferation of death squads in El Salvador, Honduras
> and Guatemala.
but I also maintain that the impetus for these policies was the cold-
warrior 'evil empire' 'focus of evil in the modern world' mentality of
Reagan himself, and that the administration underlings you mention
were simply willing to carry out the policies he desired. I actually do not
believe that the implementation of the policies listed above contributed
to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that their pursuit damaged our
credibility as a force for democracy and human rights around the world.
        Having said that, I also must insist that Daniel Pipes'
contentions not be dismissed out of hand due to the ad hominem tar-
babying of him with the 'neocon' label, much as conservatives attempt
to make 'liberal' an epithet. His contentions must be judged upon their
merit and the evidence he presents in their support, not upon what dark
cabal one might be led to suspect the author owns 'card-carrying'
membership in.
        Lastly I note that neocons did indeed begin in the Democratic
Party, and that the reason for old-line conservatives' distaste for them is
their suspicion that they remain closet domestic liberals.

> The following article by Fareed Marjee appeared in Payvand.
> The “Axis of Evil” Cabal and the Case of Iran
> By Fareed Marjaee

<I snipped the article but I left its URL>

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