Re: virus: End Flooding Now Please

Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 01:15:07 MDT

On 12 Aug 2002 at 0:09, Hermit wrote:

> Take a look at the mail for the past 7 years Joe. There is no single
> time I have ever posted 17 copy pasted articles to virus in a row for
> any reason. I've never posted half that. And the BBS allows you to
> categorize and post in places where those interested can read them,
> and those not interested don't have too. The last time you did this,
> in relation to the Chaos Crap we asked to to put the breaks on at 8
> articles (and I notice that that flood resulted in not one
> discussion). Didn't you get the message then?
I also got several requests for the pdf chaos document I offered (after
the chaos posts), and am still awaiting feedback on them. One reason
that there may not have been a chaos magick system discussion so far
is because you immediately redirected the list to your propagandistic
idee fixe, as you are wont to do. If anyone wishes to engage in such a
discussion, please feel free to post your initial observations..
> Such flooding is unconscionable and you know it. It squashes
> conversation, suppresses discussion, fills up mailboxes and is largely
> deleted unread. When you write articles for virus they are more than
> welcome - even when I disagree with them entirely. But pure copy paste
> - or too frequently, 2 lines inserted somewhere in the middle of an
> unsnipped massive post is just not fair to the rest of us.
I will try to snip more conscientiously, but less personally
advantageously than you do, and I will not post more than three
representative articles from any particular site, and then give its URL for
people to investigate for further info. if they so wish.
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