Re: virus: Dear Hermit: You Constitutionally Can\'t Admit When You Lose

Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 16:52:41 MDT

On 10 Aug 2002 at 13:30, Hermit wrote:

> In addition to Rhinoceros' excellent response, it is worth noting that
> having previously and currently engaged in "ethnically cleansing"
> herself (with American approval and support), Israel can afford a
> "multicultural democracy" only for so long as she does not have to
> tolerate Palestinians. The income, educational and nutritional
> differences between Israeli and Palestinian vastly exceed that of the
> worst of the Czeckoslovakia and South African eras - when the world
> rightly condemned such discrimination. Further, Israel, established
> illegally, has been and is in breach of so many International treaties
> and proclamations that it is difficult to keep count of them. She
> possess a military and weapons of mass destruction (NBC) giving her a
> destructive capability which is so unbalanced as to completely
> dominate her entire surrounding area. She ignores fundamental
> principles of justice and equity and observes principles of laws and
> treaties to which she is bound, more in the contravention than in
> conformance. The fact that the United States, for whatever internal
> reasons, does not hold Israel to the same standards as we hold other
> countries in no wise justifies your description of Israel or her
> people. As such your characterization of Israel as civilized must
> neccessarily fail.
> Further, the Palestinians are justified in their actions to attempt to
> determine their own future and determine, for themselves, how they
> wish to live. In the absence of other law providing a shelter for
> them, they also have the right to harm Israeli citizens in equal
> measure to the harm that Israel imposes on them (Lex Talionis). Other
> law having failed them, and harm being clearly visible (from
> demographics even if we ignore all else), it would seem that Lex
> Talionis applies.
Israel is the only democracy in a totalitarian region the nations of whom
enforce a fourteen hundred year old savage tribal law; if it can be said
that Israel is not civilized, what does that say concerning the relative
barbarity of the surrounding nonalternatives?
If lex Talionis applies for the Palestinians, then it applies for Israel, too;
surrounded by fascist and implacable religiopolitical enemies and
facing an internal insurgency largely comprised of the same extreme
and zealous religipolitical views, she requires the weapons she has
acquired in order to preserve her own existence. What's sauce for the
goose, as Hermit is so fond of saying...
> Hermit
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