Re: virus: Dear Hermit: You Constitutionally Can\'t Admit When You Lose

Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 10:53:59 MDT

On 9 Aug 2002 at 2:27, Hermit wrote:

> So a report, by a highly respected UN body, which report generally
> castigates the Palestinian Authority, but which uses information
> derived from UN organizations to explode your opinions, must have been
> written by researchers partial to the PA working in a biased fashion.
> Interesting.
Actually, the Human Rights Watch report does not explode my
opinions, and the considered conclusions of the Center For Research &
Documentation of Palestinian Society, as it asserts that the level of
Palestinian collaborator murder is not less in the first year of the second
intifadeh than it was in the first year of the first. Haven't you read it?
> Then we have a second organization, again internationally respected,
> run by Israelis, not Palestinians, which analyzes all deaths reported
> by a the Palestine Red Crescent (an internationally recognized
> organization, equivalent to the Red Cross), correlates them with media
> reports, and tracks not trends but individuals, and reflects not
> opinions but facts, but concurs with the same report, is also also
> written by partial researchers in biased fashion - for the same reason.
The problems that Dr. Saleh Abdul Jawad experienced with the first
Israeli researcher connected with B'tselem are documented in his
> Meanwhile, the Government of Israel, the one group who would benefit
> immensely from this information if it had the slightest basis in
> reality, stays silent. Just imagine. They could simply announce that
> actually the Palestinians are responsible for killing one another.
> The kind Israelis are risking their own lives to save the poor
> Palestinians from themselves. Why is this not happening?
The Israelis have indeed remarked upon the Palestinian killings of
suspected collaborators, but are more concerned with the Palestinian
suicide bombings of Israelis. And both Israelis AND Palestinians seem
to be responsible for killing Palestinians.
> May I suggest that the primary reason is that it is simply not true.
> To coin a phrase you use too often against others, it is a ludicrous
> "blood libel" which only a fool could give credence to.
A thousand dead at their countrymens' hands cannot be so blithely
> Thank-you for making it obvious where you stand. If you are
> representative it is small wonder that most Americans apparently have
> no clue as to what the rest of the world, thinks, feels or does. It
> doesn't matter how much somebody might tell you that your
> preconcptions are wrong, you prefer them to having to reconsider.
Where you stand has been long evident here; squarely in the center of
the "my mind is made up, so don't confuse me with logic and factual
evidence" quagmire of adamantinely concretized a priori Palestinian-
tilting bias.
> How are the mighty fallen.
Well, don't keep us in suspense, Hermit; TELL us. How exactly DID
you fall?
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