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Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 18:26:41 MDT

[Joe Dees 3]
Did you know that many in the Palestinian community speak exceedingly approvingly of Adolph's Reich, and admire his genocidal intentions towards Jews?

[rhinoceros 4]
No, I didn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were such people, as in any country. They wouldn't even need to know what they were talking about. The only requirement for them would be to hate Israelis and to have heard about what Hitler had done to them. Pushing on the argument that Palestinians are sort of Nazis won't get you anywhere, especially if you take into account that the power distribution analogy between Israelis and Palestinians is the opposite.

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And if it weren't, the Jews would be facing a second genocide. In fact, the population difference in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims in general greatly favors the latter.

[rhinoceros 6]
A second genocide? Why? Because you assert that the Palestinians are Nazis?

Back to our own universe: The Israelis have won the war, and the population of the Palestinians is in fact a problem for the Palestinians themselves.

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So, I think the material problems have to be addressed.
[Joe Dees 5]
Yes, they do, but in an eqwuitable manner. Both tribes must be able to coexist in peace there for peace to happen at all.

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Those who attempt to kill others cannot cede those others permission to kill other members of their nationality, because they have no authority to do so.

[Joe Dees 5]
But the Palestinians kill suspected collaborators all the time.

[rhinoceros 6]
That was in response to your statement "Those who attempt to kill others have ipso facto ceded those others permission to kill them in self-defence." So, your reply was not relevant, but I am willing to discuss this new issue, even accept your statement as it is. Hell, in my country we also used to kill collaborators during the German occupation.

The article you posted was the story of a real collaborator who didn't get killed, not of a suspected collaborator who did get killed. The article was really sad for someone who values human dignity. A must read.

To be honest, the numbers quoted make you think. It says that 600 Palestinians were killed by Israelis and 600 by the Palestinians themselves from 1987 to 1994. But the article does not give any source -- it doesn't even have an author.

If it helps any, I can point you to another direction too. I have heard Palestinian kids calling Arafat a traitor and a collaborator who imprisons the fighters. If true, that would not change much either; that would just show how hard the problem is.

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