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Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 14:07:56 MDT

[Joe Dees 1]
The Palestinians, however, are showing, by their repeated words and actions, that if they were in the Nazi's position, many would wish to follow that same sick course, and are possessed by a similar ideology, cloakedi in and furtherr virulated by the pious mantle of a vicious (if their holy book is to be literally believed) religion.

[rhinoceros 2]
Don't you think it is a very poor model, even an abuse of reason, to put the malnourushed and outcast Palestinians who lash back in the place of the Third Reich trying to commit genocide. This is a very clear case where Godwin's law applies.

[Joe Dees 3]
Did you know that many in the Palestinian community speak exceedingly approvingly of Adolph's Reich, and admire his genocidal intentions towards Jews?

[rhinoceros 4]
No, I didn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were such people, as in any country. They wouldn't even need to know what they were talking about. The only requirement for them would be to hate Israelis and to have heard about what Hitler had done to them. Pushing on the argument that Palestinians are sort of Nazis won't get you anywhere, especially if you take into account that the power distribution analogy between Israelis and Palestinians is the opposite.

[rhinoceros 2]
I think that your effort to explain everything on the grounds of an evil ideology-religion (which by the way is unfounded in the particular case of the Palestinians) is a bad obsession which, if used with consistency, and taking into account the persistent nature of beliefs, can lead you to "blanket bombing" solutions.

[Joe Dees 2]
I'd like to see the religio-memetic stranglehold over the minds of these people broken. Blanket-bombing is not something I would ever endorse, for the assassins and murderers among them cannot be selectively dealt with by employing such tactics. Those who attempt to kill others have ipso facto ceded those others permission to kill them in self-defence.

[rhinoceros 4]
I wish it was that simple, but there are two arguments to the contrary. First, even if breaking the religio-memetic stranglehold was possible, some other suitable memeplex would jump in as long as the real problems have not been addressed -- there are already several such competing violent memeplexes at work, some of in the civilized world. Second, there is just one such memeplex which might permit the end of violence without any attempt to resolve the real problems, but I would have moral issues to propose it -- the memeplex of total submission. So, I think the material problems have to be addressed.

Those who attempt to kill others cannot cede those others permission to kill other members of their nationality, because they have no authorith to do so.

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