Re: virus: The face of genocide - While the world watches

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 06:30:18 MDT

[Joe Dees]
The Palestinians, however, are showing, by their repeated words and actions, that if they were in the Nazi's position, many would wish to follow that same sick course, and are possessed by a similar ideology, cloakedi in and furtherr virulated by the pious mantle of a vicious (if their holy book is to be literally believed) religion.

Don't you think it is a very poor model, even an abuse of reason, to put the malnourushed and outcast Palestinians who lash back in the place of the Third Reich trying to commit genocide. This is a very clear case where Godwin's law applies.

I think that your effort to explain everything on the grounds of an evil ideology-religion (which by the way is unfounded in the particular case of the Palestinians) is a bad obsession which, if used with consistency, and taking into account the persistent nature of beliefs, can lead you to "blanket bombing" solutions.

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