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> Kharin: To cite the excellent Mr Rummel Source: Democide in the Soviet
> Union (
> Soviet democide from 1917-1991
> Total: 61,911,000
> Terror: 8,298,000
> Deportations: 4,349,000+
> Concentration Camps: 39,464,000
> Forced Famine 7,833,000
> The Soviet Union exemplifies the dictum that government is a mechanism
> by which depraved people legitimize their depravity. As an
> all-powerful state, the Soviet government attracted the most depraved
> people who then unleashed the worst depravity. Stalin is unique only
> in surpassing all others in this regard.
> The Soviet death toll- those murdered in cold blood by people working
> for the Soviet government- exceeds, nearly doubles, the combined total
> of people killed in all of the 20th century's wars.
> Millions were sent to the Gulags, Soviet concentration camps, where
> perhaps 20% of all prisoners died. Countless others suffered the
> drug-torture of the so-called "psychiatric hospitals," where
> resistance was legal proof of the need for more "treatment."
> In 1919, hundreds of thousands of Don Cossacks were slaughtered in
> wholesale murder.
> In the 1930s, the Soviet secret police issued death quotas to its
> regional departments. The quotas were filled with indiscriminate
> killing. Mothers who came to police headquarters to inquire about
> their arrested sons could be taken outside and shot to help fill the
> quotas. Children were murdered for the crimes of their parents.
> From 1932-1933, five million Ukrainian peasants died in forced
> starvation. The Soviet government stationed troops to actively prevent
> anyone from escaping the famine. Doctors and relief supplies were kept
> out by force. The famine was a long, deliberate plan to make people
> dead by creating and maintaining conditions in which they could not
> obtain food.
> From 1930-1937, Soviets carried out the systematic murder of 6,500,000
> "kulaks," lower middle class peasants.
> From 1937-1938, perhaps a million Communists were murdered by Stalin
> in the Great Terror.
> In 1949, deportation and genocide of some 50,000-60,000 Estonians.
The Stalinist bolsheviks were cruel and nasty people; and had we been
in the position that we are now, and Stalin been in the position Saddam
is now, I would not have hesitated to do the right thing then - or now.
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