Re:virus: The 9/11 Terrorists\' Instructions.

Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 19:55:16 MDT

On 6 Aug 2002 at 19:24, Hermit wrote:

> Nah, the soldiers who believed that they were fighting for "One Nation
> Under God" in various bits of the world have been far worse - as were
> those who worked for Mr Djugashvili.
        We have a disagreement. 20 million of Djugashvili's (Stalin's)
people died in WW II, half that number alone in the Battle of Moscow.
The difficulties caused to Nazi Germany by the Eastern Front and its
forced division of Adolph Hitler's military resources made it easier,
perhaps even made it possible, for the Allies to retake Europe. The
defeat of the Third Reich was costly in lives on all sides, but to have
failed to defeat it would have been disastrous.
        After the victory, the two main victors were less focussed upon
their alliance in the face of a common enemy and more focussed upon
their own political differnces; as a result, nasty things were done, both
internally and externally, on both sides during the Cold War (although
the internal mass killings were restricted to the Soviet side). I can say
that the Soviet purges were horrible. I can also say that they did not
approach the level of barbarity that made death into an organized
internal industry, where millions were systematically gassed because
they were considered subhuman.
        That same branding of the infidel other as subhuman is
reflected in the Al Quaeda instructions, in the parts where it states that
one is to kill quickly, for it is not pious to cause animals to needlessly
suffer, and where it admonishes that no prisoners be taken, because
Allah prefers them all dead so that He can sort them out.
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