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Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 18:55:30 MDT

On 7 Aug 2002 at 1:31, Mark Collins wrote:

> On Wednesday 07 August 2002 12:44 am, you wrote:
> > The overwhelming Taliban that were not Afghani Pashtuns were
> > Pakistani Pashtuns or Uzbeks; the overwhelming preponderence of Al
> > Quaeda captured and killed are from either Saudi Arabia or Egypt
> > (where Wahhabism has also been exported, and where Zawahiri, Bin
> > Laden's mentor, theoretician, and second in command, hails from
> > (Egypt has sentenced him to death in absentia in the assassination
> > of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who had the nerve to
> > sign a peace treaty with Israel)). The fact that one can pick a
> > couple of nomadic rogues from a population of several thousand does
> > not change the massive predominances.
> Massive predonimances are irrelevent. You have failed to address my
> point. The Taliban, and probably Al Queda, have recieved support from
> citizens from non-Muslim countries who are allies with the US.
Okay, then let's tailor our response proportionately, and daisycutter the
Kaa'ba in Saudi Arabia as we set off a Black Cat Firecracker in
> Do not condemn the state for the actions of the individual.
The state and the religion are intertwined in the Islamic ummah, and
exercise both divine and mundane control over the folkways of the
individuals. When a nation is subsidizing the radicalization of its
citizens and permitting their emigration to wage jihad in foreign nations,
one can indeed hold that state responsible for the consequences of its
> > > > the Taliban, and in addition, have funded the
> > > > religious-extremist-
> > >
> > > The US put the Taliban in power. Your point?
> >
> > Actually, the US funded a fundamentalist resistance to the Soviet
> > iccupation of Afghanistan, but we and the Soviets both left years
> > before the Taliban began; they received their military support from
> > the Pakistani ISI (their secret service).
> The US supplied arms and training to fight the Soviets. These arms and
> training were used to overthrow the Communist ruling parties (the
> Northern block is mainly Commie) and put the Taliban in power.
The Soviets withdrew in 1989 and we left shortly thereafter; the Taliban
movement was not even begun by Mullah Omar until September of
1994, in Kandahar, By November 1994, they were receiving assistance
from the Pakistani government, which hired them to protect convoys
traveling between Pakistan and Central Asia. Get your facts right, or
they end up biting you in the rhetorical ass.
> Explain to me how the US isn't responsible this whole mess?
I just did. We left a whole bunch of various and sundry warlords in
charge of different areas of Afghanistan; the taliban, who eventually,
and with Pakistan's help, defeated them and consolidated power in the
region, were not even born in the mind of their creator until long after
the US was gone.
> > > Scientologists have a "fair-game" policy where they use any means
> > > nessecary to prevent anyone spreading the truth about he
> > > "religion". Scientology is a violent religion. The lasrgest
> > > concentration of Scientologists exists in Hollywood. NUKE
> >
> > There's a lot of them in Clearwater, Florida, too, but their
> > preferred weapon is the civil suit, not the gun or the bomb, so they
> > are more easily countered, when they violate peoples' civil rights,
> > but losing in court, which they have done a lot of lately. I do
> > want to note that
> Near Hemit, CA, there is a compound known as Gold Base which has a
> heavilly armed contigent of guards. Anyone trying to leave this
> compound is hunted down like dogs. Deep inside the compound is a
> sniper on watch 24/7 just incase the guards miss. There are court
> documents, which havn't been countered, stating this. Do a search, it
> was a pretty famous case, and there's prolly a link on
> Near Gold Base there is another compound called Happy Valley which is
> basically a re-education center for Scientologists who have lost their
> faith. They are prisoners. There is plenty of evidence supporting this
> out there, including the afore mentioned court documents and
> testimonies.
> How is that different from an Al Queda training camp? Oh yeah, they
> have shitloads of money, they have "respected" Hollywood actors as
> high profile members, and they put of lot of business in the direction
> of the US "Justice" system.
> It's not who you kill, it's who you bribe.
Such human rights abuses should indeed be dealt with. I myself regard
Scientology as a dangerous and mind-controlling cult.
> The US should think about the mirrors of the problems it condemns
> outside its borders which exist inside its borders before taking any
> military actions which destroys another nation. It's pure hypocracy.
Last time I checked, the Scientologists weren't sheltering members of
an organizationm that flew violently commandeered aircraft into US
cosmopolitan skyscrapers, killing thousands. It's purely willful
blindness to choose the small similarities you see and ignore the
glaring differences.
> > Scientology is banned in Germany as a pernicious cult, even though
> > that is where Mohammed Atta, the alleged immediate leader of the
> > 9/11 plotters, went to school, and recruited several of the 9/11
> > terror flyers.
> Oh goody, a completely misinformed statement. Scientology is NOT
> banned in Germany. The reason this myth came about was because a
> document was leaked from inside the Sea Org which contained plans to
> infiltrate the German government and take power.
> The German response was to add a law which means any Scientologist
> serving in public office must make their affiliations known.
Oh, kinda like wearing a yellow star?
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