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Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 17:01:28 MDT

...gads hermit, i didnt think ohio was THAT bad! could i send you a baggie
of 'funions'(tm) to help ease the pain?


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People who have not traveled in the Southern republics and discovered for
themselves how positively feudal they remain in their isolated areas cannot
comprehend them. If my descriptions of Afghanistan seemed alien to you,
they were like the street outside your house, compared to these areas.

This is a world where the only telephone in a town of 15'000 is likely to be
in the police station. And it probably doesn't work. In those wastelands,
technology doesn't avail much, and when it breaks, there is nobody to repair
it. A world where the word of the mayor is more powerful than any central
authority - and where the mayor is more likely to owe his allegiance to a
criminal group than to anyone else. A world where every stranger entering a
village is likely to be an enemy - or possibly a hostage to demand ransom
for. A world where more people live in tightly knit family groups, that
migrate on a weekly basis, follow no roads, owe no allegiance to any one but
their seniors, and recognize no borders, than do in the villages. A world
where disagreements are settled by a knife in the night, and family feuds
can run for countless generations. A world where an AK47, or an ounce of
gold counts more than a uniform, an authorization or a court. A world where,
at the height of!
  Soviet power, a government owned truck might pass by the villages once a
week. Today, that might be every few months. Or never. A world where there
are no checkpoints, no credit cards, no banks, no bottled water, no roads,
no paper trails. A world where you can travel 300 km in any direction -
without seeing a soul, crossing a road, or coming across a village. Yet know
that your every step has been watched. For this is a world where not even a
mouse can move without a somebody seeing it, and passing the word, for
prestige, for honor, for gold, for his life. A world that the men of the
wastes and the mountains comprehend, but where not even the KGB ventures
except in large numbers - never mind the "We don't do diarrhea - or
intelligence" CIA or the "We don't do mountains" Mountain Rangers. A world
far beyond any law you would recognize - and likely alien far beyond your


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