Re: virus: Pre-emptive strikes

Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 11:01:33 MDT

On 5 Aug 2002 at 14:25, Mark Collins wrote:

> With all the talk of pre-emptive strikes, people aren't discussion one
> thing: Why can't other states take the same action agains the US. To
> give an example, I propose the following hypothetical situation
> Let's assume Jenna Bush is in Germany. Being the daughter of the most
> powerful man in the world, she ignores the laws about drink-driver,
> and takes a cruise down some Autobahn afet getting a little tipsy.
> During the drive, she crashes into another car, and causes the driver
> and his family (his wife and 2 toddlers) to die, yet Jenna survives
> with mild injuries. She is arrested for dangerous driving and charged
> with manslaughter. Bush being bush puts economic pressuse of Germany
> to try and get his daughter released, but this doesn't work. Every
> politician loves a making examples of glamous people, after all.
> Fearing military action, Germany employs a policy of pre-emptive
> self-defence, sees a US carrier in the Mediterranian (keeping an eye on
> Israel) and launches a strike against it, sinking it along with
> everyone onboard. No survivors.
> Pre-emptive strikes can be used to justify any military action against
> any threat, real or imaginary.
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