Re:virus: Pre-emptive strikes

From: Hermit (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 07:31:04 MDT

Let's make this simpler.

The US possesses "weapons of mass destruction."
The US has used "weapons of mass destruction"
The US has threatened to use "weapons of mass destruction"
The US has an unstable and dangerous leader.
The US has targeted many national leaders individually (a terrorist action)
The US sponsors terrorism and trains terrorists
The US is currently bombing nations on a regular basis
The US has threatened war on Iraq
The US has amassed troops and supplies able to be used in an attack on Iraq.

Iraq is completely justified on launching a preemptive attack, including, if he can obtain them, nuclear arms, on the United States. Should Iraq do this the US would have no grounds to retaliate, object or request asistance in reciprocating. After all, Iraq would simply have been engaging in a preemptive action.

At least, this seems right according to "Deesian logic." If it needs correcting, please let me know.

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