RE: virus: UN report on Jenin released - israel not guilty

Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 02:36:29 MDT

On 5 Aug 2002 at 9:55, Blunderov wrote:

> Mon 2002/08/05 03:44 AM wrote:
> [Joe Dees 2] Still, the land must be fairly divided, with the
> Palestinians being ceded the West Bank, Gaza and a travelling corridor
> between them, all of the Jewish settlers in these areas, willing or
> not, should be relocated back into Israel proper, and either Jerusalem
> should be split, with east jerusalem being ceded to the Palestinians,
> or the city should be internationalized, perhaps under UN
> administration.
> [Blunderov]
> These have been pretty much my thoughts too. It seems a sensible way
> to proceed. In fact it is hard to think of any other solution.
> In attempting to think creatively about the situation I came up with
> the following outrageous and possibly silly idea.
> We need an anti-meme to balance the virulent strain of Islam that is
> part of the problem. That anti-meme might be women's rights. In this
> respect Islam is most noticeably (and semi apolitically!) out of step
> with the rest of humanity. I stand to be corrected on this, but I
> imagine there are a number of UN resolutions confirming that women
> have rights which I suspect go very largely unsung in some of the more
> fundamental Islamic states.(How is it that Pakistan had a female Prime
> minister I wonder?)
> We set the stage for an Islamic reformation, based on the rights of
> women, which in turn will erode the literal interpretation of the
> Koran.
> We go in not via the front door, but via the boudoir!
> The US could play soft cop to the UN's hard guy.
> If this meme took hold in Africa it would be a big help too.
> Warm regards
Well, it sure seems to have helped some in Afghanistan. Check out:

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