Re:virus: massacre, (n): when you want to blame only one side.

From: Hermit (
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 15:32:07 MDT

[Joe Dees] The ratio was 23/52.

[Hermit] Why bother to repeat lies or mislead when everyone else knows that you are? Read the report before making more of an ass of yourself (oops, you already have).

[Hermit] The Palestinian death toll during the operation was around 500. The Israelis lost around 20. QED

[Joe Dees] And the Palestinian terrorists didn't 'get lucky'; they planned their ambushes and planted their booby-traps well.

[Hermit] My first reaction was that the IDF didn't know what it was doing. The IDF inquiry Army has found that the toll was due to incompetence. Joe Dees asserts (without evidence) that it was skillful deployment. Why does Joe Dees think that we should pay attention to his opinion on COINOPS where he apparently knows less than nothing?

[Joe Dees] That's why there was so much damage to buildings in Jenin; after one ambush, the Israeli infantry changed their tactics and proceeded to advance through buildings, by knocking out walls between partitions, rather than advance down the booby-trapped and amush-lain roads between buildings.

[Hermit] When areas are razed by tanks and armored bulldozers, and buildings demolished with shell and missile fire, this is not "damage" it is wanton destruction and a war crime. Read the UN report, before again making an ass of yourself.

[Joe Dees] Also, the Palestinian terrorists have quite a few guns to go along with their bombs, and the terrorist organizations train their members intensely.

[Hermit] I say this even bullshit - bullshit has some substance behind it. Yet my statement should be easy to disprove. So try to prove that this opinion (unlike the others here) has some facts behind it. Give numbers and places. Who have the Palestian terrorists trained, where did they train, who did the training, how many have they trained, how long did the training last? What were the IDF doing while this was happening? Oh, and how many weapons and of what calibres do they own.

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