Re:virus: massacre, (n): when you want to blame only one side.

Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 14:53:01 MDT

On 4 Aug 2002 at 13:58, Hermit wrote:

> 20:500 ? Quite a kill ratio. But it should not have been that "even."
> The Palestinians "got lucky". The only reason they managed to kill as
> many soldiers as they did was that the soldiers were careless. Not too
> surprising. After all, they IDF was going up against an untrained,
> disarmed body of civilians whom they had been oppressing for years -
> to the apparent approval of the world. Who would have guessed that the
> worm might turn?
The ratio was 23/52. And the Palestinian terrorists didn't 'get lucky';
they planned their ambushes and planted their booby-traps well. That's
why there was so much damage to buildings in Jenin; after one
ambush, the Israeli infantry changed their tactics and proceeded to
advance through buildings, by knocking out walls between partitions,
rather than advance down the booby-trapped and amush-lain roads
between buildings. Also, the Palestinian terrorists have quite a few
guns to go along with their bombs, and the terrorist organizations train
their members intensely.
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