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Bush-CIA-Nazi connection
makes the mainstream media
by Robert Lederman
May 3, 2001

Check Yahoo News for hundreds of new articles in mainstream papers about the CIA-Nazi connection under the general subject CIA Declassifies Documents on Hitler, Other Nazis

It's all starting to come out. Prescott Bush worked for the Nazis. Allen Dulles and the CIA recruited Nazis. former CIA director Bill Casey brought Nazis to the U.S. The Manhattan Institute, Giuliani and GW Bush are connected to all of this in myriad ways. Those of you who were skeptical about my articles over the past 7 years might want to visit the website and give them a read through.

BOSTON GLOBE 4/23/2001
By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff
Date: 04/23/2001 Page: A1 Section: National/Foreign
AN AMERICAN DYNASTY Last of two parts "Prescott Bush was surely aghast at a sensational article the New York Herald Tribune splashed on its front page in July 1942. "Hitler's Angel Has 3 Million in US Bank,"read the headline above a story reporting that Adolf Hitler's financier had stowed the fortune in Union Banking Corp., possibly to be held for "Nazi bigwigs."

Bush knew all about the New York bank: He was one of its seven directors. If the Nazi tie became known, it would be a potential "embarrassment,"Bush and his partners at Brown Brothers Harriman worried, explaining to government regulators that their position was merely an unpaid courtesy for a client. The situation grew more serious when the government seized Union's assets under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the sort of action that could have ruined Bush's political dreams.

As it turned out, his involvement wasn't pursued by the press or political opponents during his Senate campaigns a decade later. But the episode may well have been one of the catalysts for a dramatic change in his life. Just as the Union Banking story broke, Bush volunteered to be chairman of United Service Organizations, putting himself on the national stage for the first time. He traveled the country raising millions of dollars to help boost the morale of US troops during World War II, enhancing his stature in a way that helped him get elected US senator. A son and grandson would become presidents."

Daily News 4/28/2001
Secret Files Show U.S. Used Nazis
By DAVE GOLDINER Daily News Staff Writer
Thousands of pages of top-secret U.S. files on Nazi leaders reveal intense Western efforts to recruit Nazi war criminals - and a fascinating psychological portrait of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler The new information about Hitler comes in a 1944 CIA memo quoting an informant who says he struck up a conversation with the Fuhrer's personal physician seven years earlier - and the doctor predicted then Hitler could become "the craziest criminal the world ever saw."

The comments were reportedly made by German surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch who spoke about Hitler's growing megalomania at dinner party in 1937.

"Sauerbruch ... stated that from close observation of Hitler for many years, he had formed the opinion that the Nazi leader was a border case between genius and insanity and that ... the decision would take place in the near future whether Hitler's mind would swing toward the latter,"the memo said.

Months later, the doctor said Hitler's "swing toward insanity had taken place,"according to the informant.

The document is among 10,000 pages of CIA files about the Nazis declassified yesterday - and released during a news conference at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Josef Mengele The documents show that high-ranking Nazis - including death doctor Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichmann - were coddled by American and Soviet spymasters as World War II ended.

"The real winners of the Cold War were Nazi criminals,"Justice Department official Eli Rosenbaum said. "East and West became so rapidly focused on challenging each other that they lost their will to pursue Nazi perpetrators. They even deemed some of the criminals to be useful allies."

The Nazi files were declassified under the terms of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 2000.

They paint a disturbing portrait of postwar Europe, in which nearly a dozen top Nazis bought their freedom by peddling intelligence to the CIA's predecessor or the Russian KGB.

"The United States of America retained Nazi war criminals, and there will be no question about it,"said Thomas Baer, who worked with the CIA to pull the documents from long-forgotten files.

The documents also indicated that American intelligence chief Allen Dulles conducted secret negotiations in Switzerland with Nazi war criminals.

Heinrich Mueller The Nazis later used the high-level contact with Dulles, who later became CIA director, to slip through the fingers of Nazi hunters after the war.

The files included plenty of previously unknown details about Hitler's top lieutenants, including Mengele, Eichmann, Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller, and Klaus Barbie, the Gestapo chief in occupied Lyon, France.

As the war wound down, the Americans made little effort to pursue Eichmann, one of the key architects of the final solution, until 1959, when Israeli agents captured him for trial.

Former UN Secretary Kurt Waldheim, who was accused of Nazi wartime atrocities, also turns up in the files. Scholars say there is no evidence he cooperated with American intelligence, although he may have dealt with the Russians.

Original Publication Date: 4/28/01
From: The Cultural Cold War
by Frances Stonor Saunders, New Press [pg 132]
(Founder of the Manhattan Institute-where Giuliani and Bush get all their ideas-William Casey - Lederman)

"The fund raising arm of the Free Europe Committee was The Crusade for Freedom for which a young actor named Ronald Reagan was a leading spokesman and publicist. The Crusade for Freedom was used to launder money to support a program run by Bill Casey, the future CIA director, called the International Refugee Committee in New York, which allegedly coordinated the exfiltration of Nazis from Germany to the United States where they were expected to assist the government in fighting Communism...[pg 142]...The Ford Foundation gave $500,000 to Bill Casey's International Rescue Committee and substantial grants to another CIA front, the World Assembly of Youth...the convergence between the Rockefeller billions and the U.S. government exceeded even that of the Ford Foundation ."

SLATE.COM - April 17, 2002
By Anne E. Kornblut
(Click Here for original Web link.)
The Bush family and the Jews

  Unlike his father and grandfather, George W. has crafted a pro-Jewish image.
  Flanked by Jewish leaders, President George W. Bush signed a proclamation March 25 recognizing the commitment to education demonstrated by the late leader of the Jewish Lubavitcher movement, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

In 1998, George W. Bush took his first and only trip to the Holy Land. During a helicopter tour - guided by none other than Ariel Sharon - Bush was astonished to discover how tiny Israel is compared to its Arab neighbors. He later described the visit as one of the most meaningful experiences of his life.
A photographer captured a striking image of Bush, in a yarmulke, standing reverently at the Wailing Wall.

THE PICTURE may be a symbol of Bush foreign policy these days, but it speaks to an even more startling truth: Bush is the first in his family of politicians to craft a pro-Jewish image.

Starting with accusations that Prescott Bush was a Nazi collaborator before Pearl Harbor, the Bush dynasty has generally been viewed with suspicion and at times outright hostility by Jewish Americans. The elder President Bush outraged the Jewish community with a series of perceived insults. Before he became president, the younger Bush, who once expressed doubt about whether non-Christians could get into heaven, seemed likely to follow in the family tradition.

The charges against Sen. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current president, went beyond the disdain for Jews and discriminatory practices that were characteristic of New England WASP culture in his day. Prescott Bush was a director of a New York bank where rich Germans who supported the Nazis stashed millions in personal wealth. He was still a director at the bank, Union Banking Corp., when its assets were frozen under the Trading With the Enemy Act in 1941 - a fact that has provided endless fodder for leftists and conspiracy theorists since it came to light in the 1990s.

George Herbert Walker Bush shared the same exclusionary pedigree as his father, starting with Yale and the secret society Skull & Bones, and had extensive ties to Arabs though the oil industry as well. But most Jews did not consider him unfriendly to their interests so long as he served under Ronald Reagan. Reagan was the first Republican in 80 years to win a sizable share of the Jewish vote. There were a variety of reasons for this, but the key issue was Reagan's hard line on the defense of Israel, which he considered a crucial democratic outpost in the fight against Soviet communism. In the 1980 election, Jimmy Carter won 45 percent of the Jewish vote. Reagan won 39 percent.

That remarkable shift, however, began to be undone almost as soon as George H.W. Bush took over in 1989. Bush was a self-described pragmatist in international affairs, and in the giddy early days after the end of the Cold War, it was no longer fashionable to view the world in binary terms. As a result, many conservative ideological causes - among them Israel - no longer found a champion in the White House. The point was made most clearly when Bush demanded, in 1991, that the Israelis stop building new settlements in Palestinian-controlled territories. Unlike previous presidents, Bush sounded serious, threatening to block millions in loan guarantees if Israel disobeyed. (Later, when his re-election was in doubt in 1992, Bush promised to press Congress for the loan guarantees unconditionally.)

Just as damaging was the elder Bush's knack for seeming as out of touch with Jewish voters as he did with everyone else. Once, during a 1991 White House press conference, Bush Sr. complained about the strength of the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill - the implication being that "Jews work insidiously behind the scenes," as David J. Forman wrote in the Jerusalem Post. On another occasion, Bush reminded his critics that the United States gives "Israel the equivalent of $1,000 for every Israeli citizen," a remark that detractors took as an allusion to the stereotype of Jews as money-obsessed and greedy.

And then there was Secretary of State James Baker's infamous "f-- the Jews" remark. In a private conversation with a colleague about Israel, Baker reportedly uttered the vulgarity, noting that Jews "didn't vote for us anyway." This was more or less true - Bush got 27 percent of the Jewish vote, compared with 73 percent for Dukakis, in 1988. And thanks in part to Baker, it was even truer in 1992, when Bill Clinton got 78 percent of the Jewish vote and Bush got only 15 percent - the poorest showing by a Republican candidate since Barry Goldwater in 1964.

In 2000, as Al Gore hit the campaign trail with the first Jewish vice presidential running mate in U.S. history on his ticket, George W. Bush seemed to make only a half-hearted attempt to compete for Jewish votes. He paid the obligatory dues, speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and visiting the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles (where, after touring the sobering Holocaust exhibit, he incongruously signed the guest book, "God bless this world!"). But Bush reserved his real pitch for Arab-Americans, whom his strategists viewed as an increasingly powerful voting bloc. Repeated trips to Michigan, a swing state, gave Bush ample opportunity to meet with Arab-American leaders, heavily concentrated around Detroit. Ironically, he made a campaign pledge to examine "secret evidence" cases against foreign suspects, a matter of great concern among Arab-Americans (and one that fell by the wayside after Sept. 11).

Like his father, Bush failed during the campaign to win over neoconservative Jewish intellectuals - most notably William Kristol, who openly backed John McCain. The problem wasn't just the assumption that he shared his father's coolness toward Israel. It was also his perceived insensitivity toward Jews, as characterized by the only-Christians-in-heaven remark. Bush later joked about the uproar caused by the exchange. Asked by a reporter what he planned to tell the Israelis as he prepared to embark on his 1998 trip to the Middle East, Bush replied, obviously in jest, "Go to hell." Gore got 79 percent of the Jewish vote. Bush got only 19 percent.

Unlike his father, George W. Bush has risen in the esteem of many prominent Jews since taking office.

But unlike his father, who never managed to repair his relationship with the Jewish community despite several attempts, Bush has only risen in the esteem of many prominent Jews since taking office. The biggest factor is probably the Sept. 11 attacks. After a brief flurry of activity to win Arab support for the war on Afghanistan, Bush began to connect America's struggle against terrorism with Israel's fight against Palestinian suicide bombers. Though he was criticized for sitting on the sidelines as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict worsened, Bush arguably took sides by dropping the standard call for the Israelis to "show restraint." After briefly responding to international pressure to demand an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, Bush quickly backed off.

Another factor is shrewd political judgment. At pains to avoid repeating political mistakes his father made, Bush has actively courted conservatives within the Republican coalition. That includes Jewish neoconservatives such as Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, who hopes to encourage Bush to avoid another mistake of his father's - failing to topple Saddam Hussein. It was Wolfowitz who Bush sent to address the big pro-Israel rally that took place at the Capitol on April 15.

But the biggest reason Bush has been able to win over Jews may be personal. Despite his own Skull & Bones pedigree, the president is far less WASP-ish in his tastes and manner than past generations of Bushes, making him less suspect in the eyes of some Jewish Americans. Moreover, he is openly religious in a way that conveys deep respect for religious believers of all kinds. He may even be influenced by the view of Gary Bauer and other fundamentalist Christians who believe that the Jews are biblically ordained to live in the Holy Land. And unlike his father's administration, George W. Bush's is prominently filled with members of the tribe. Most notably, the public face of the White House, spokesman Ari Fleischer, is a practicing Jew.

But whatever the impetus, Bush appears to be entirely sincere in his warmth toward the Jewish people. Since Sept. 11, he has resisted condemning his old tour guide, Ariel Sharon, as harshly as his father condemned former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir. He has also applied the "Bush Doctrine" to Israel, saying in his April 4 Rose Garden address: "Terror must be stopped. No nation can negotiate with terrorists. For there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death." It's hard to imagine any Bush from a previous generation taking the side of the Jews so unequivocally.

Anne E. Kornblut
is White House correspondent
for the Boston Globe.

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