Re:virus: UN report on Jenin released - israel not guilty

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 23:53:47 MDT

So many questions and no answers. Was Jenin a massacre or just warfare? How many Pelestinians and how many Israelis were killed? Did the Palestinians really kill each other? Why didn't the Israelis permit the UN to check? Is it important that the Israelis went to residential Jenin with tanks and helicopters? Why do the Israelis and the Americans accuse Arafat of terrorism and still they let him be? Why is he also a Peace Nobelist. And most importantly, am I stupid?

The attempts to answer the massacre question were in fact more questions. Let me add one more: Legally or morally a massacre? If what the UN report is talking about is the legal aspect, is there any theoretical possibility that Israelis may stand a trial? No. Palestinians? Possibly. Why? Figure it out for yourselves. If so, isn't it meaningless to talk about whether it was a massacre or not? If the "extended" right to self defence may be freely used to override any law, what is the meaning of any legal definition? What is the message then? This one I can answer: Fight or die (and of course, or both).

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