Re: Re:virus: Finding the Golden Mean Middle Way

Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 22:55:54 MDT

On 3 Aug 2002 at 22:05, ben wrote:

> [Joe]
> > Let me make this, one more time, abundantly clear; when someone lies
> > about me to my face concerning what I just did or did not say, and I
> > catch them in the lie and call them on it, and they then deny same,
> > even though the evidence for same has been clearly and plainly
> > presented by me for all on the list to see; I do not allow such an
> > abrogation of honesty and personal responsibility to easily pass.
> > Some people do not suffer fools gladly; I do not suffer them at all.
> [ben]
> Sigh. The one time I tried to have a conversation with you before your
> 'hiatus' you pulled this same exact shit. I will not hold your hand
> through the archives and remind you of who said what. You implied that
> only those who empathize with dead terrorists would be concerned about
> the victims of US actions in Afghanistan. I asked you if this meant
> that you considered all Afghanis terrorists. Then you flipped out and
> started having a tantrum - which brings us to now.
> I have not abrogated any honesty or any personal responsibility. I
> stand by everything that I have said and under any reasonable person's
> scrutiny it will stand on it's own. Nowhere did I lie, and you haven't
> got a shred of evidence to support your accusation. I have now
> explained the conversation to you twice, and have given up on waiting
> for any intelligible response. You can flail away at your keyboard all
> day, but nothing you type can make me into a liar.
I have already posted my statement, your blatantly untrue, deceitful and
mischaracterizing response, and my response to such obviously
groundless accusations. The evidence I possess was furnished by you,
in a regrettable moment of hysterical pique, and I do not need to type
anything to make you a liar in that case; your own text more than amply
achieves this.
> -ben

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