Re:virus: UN report on Jenin released - israel not guilty

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 22:40:20 MDT

[ben] The sooner Sharon gets retired, the better.

[Joe] You will have, then, to admit the same of Yassar Arafat; the two of them seem to be locked in an unbreakable mutual Vucan Death Grip of long standing.

[ben] Yes absolutely! I didn't mention it because in my mind that part of the solution goes without saying. Anyone who is stil writing checks to the families of suicide bombers to encourage the creation of same obviously needs to go.

[Joe] Then that includes Saddam Hussein, who pays their families 50 grand per.

[ben] I may have erred here - on second check, I can't find any reports of Arafat doing this. Regardless, he still needs to be replaced. Yes, Hussein too.

[rhinoceros] I still think there is something very funny in this part of the dialog. Of course, if such statements come from a foreign government, an Israeli or a Palestinian or an Iraqi might as well find them insulting or worse.

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