Re:virus: UN report on Jenin released - israel not guilty

Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 14:43:33 MDT

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> Is it really an army? Is it even about an army?(considering every
> israeli citizen with the exception of orthodox religious jews have to
> compulsarily serve in the army for 3 years-21 months for women- and
> one month every year until the age of 48) Does not everyone who served
> in the IDF automatically lose the previlage of 'civilian'? What about
> the 'jews' who are given residences(trailer park communities), israeli
> citizenship and financial assistance to leave their native countries
> like Peru, West Indies and Argentina(for the sake of convinience we
> wont even dispute the jewishness of north africans, russians and
> indians) to settle in disputed territoties and making them illegal
> settlers(aka squatters). Can we call them 'homicide settlers'? And who
> is really committing the homicide?
I am opposed to Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, and
consider it beyond doubt that their dismantling will have to be part and
parcel of any comprehensive Middle East peace. I also note that the
compulsory military service of its citizens is a national survival necessity
for a tiny nation composed of only a few million people that has been
simultaneously attacked by several geographically larger and more
populous nations three times in its half century history, and is under
constant internal barrage from jihadist suicide bombers.
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> [Joe Dees]
> I think that paying the families of suicide bombers to explode
> themselves around groups of civilians is VASTLY different from
> maintaining an army. I also think that most resonable people would
> agree with me on this.
> [rhinoceros]
> Then, what is your issue with Sharon. Why did you say that Sharon has
> to go too.
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