Re:virus: UN report on Jenin released - israel not guilty

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 13:13:33 MDT

[ben 1]
Yes absolutely! I didn't mention it because in my mind that part of the solution goes without saying. Anyone who is still writing checks to the families of suicide bombers to encourage the creation of same obviously needs to go.

[Joe Dees 2]
Then that includes Saddam Hussein, who pays their families 50 grand per.

[rhinoceros 3]
Please keep it going as far as it gets. But I think I can overbid. Is it the suicide part or the bomber part that matters most. In either case, we can add a lot of families.

[Joe Dees 4]
It is the bomber part that matters to me (the murderous bomb placed at Hebrew University was left untended), but the fact remains that Saddam Hussein does indeed pay 50 grand per to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, whose declared targets are US as well as Israeli.

This is, of course, a substantial incentive for such families to acquiesce to, encourage and applaud one of their members' decision to become a suicide bomber; the bombers' parents and siblings materially benefit from the terror action.

[rhinoceros 5]
This might be true where life is cheap, i.e. telling your kids "you are going to be cannon fodder". But in reality this is not too different from hiring or conscripting an army of pilots and rocket launchers and buying their equipment.

Of course, there is the argument of legitimacy, but this point of view should not be expected to be comprehended in the same manner by the combatants.

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