Re: Re:virus: Finding the Golden Mean Middle Way

Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 12:48:08 MDT

On 3 Aug 2002 at 13:25, wrote:

> On 3 Aug 2002 at 11:54, ben wrote:
> > [Joe n]
> >
> > Once again, a pitiful, pathetic, failed and futile attempt at
> > mindreading. As to the question in ben 4: does the phrases
> > 'regrettably unavoidable' mean anything to you? And, BTW, fuck your
> > panic, and your desperate
> > accusation of same; you were caught in a transparent lie - plain
> > and simple.
> >
> >
> > [ben n+1]
> >
> > Finally you come up with an answer and all you've got is
> > "regrettably unavoidable"? Also, I'm hardly a mindreader; for that
> > reason I take statements like yours at face value, as I have done in
> > this conversation, which appears to be what has distressed you so.
> >
> You attacked not what I said, but what you erroneously though that I
> thought. If you could actually pull off such a feat of mindreading,
> you could make a cool mil from the Amazing Randi.
> My only mistake
> in this conversation has been that I took too long to > realize the
> pointlessness of conversing with you. You will attempt to > wriggle
> out of any corner you paint yourself into by changing the > subject,
> constructing absurd strawmen, and finally resorting to > baseless
> accusations ("transparent lie") when all else fails. Debating > with
> you is like dancing with an epileptic.
> If necessary, I will repost
> your lie 1200 times until the reality of it seeks through your
> neanderthaline skull and pathological denial mechanisms into what
> poorly passes for your brain.
> -ben > >
Let me make this, one more time, abundantly clear; when someone lies
about me to my face concerning what I just did or did not say, and I
catch them in the lie and call them on it, and they then deny same, even
though the evidence for same has been clearly and plainly presented
by me for all on the list to see; I do not allow such an abrogation of
honesty and personal responsibility to easily pass. Some people do not
suffer fools gladly; I do not suffer them at all.

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