Re: virus: Creating life to save a life?

From: Zloduska (
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 11:07:15 MDT


>Check out:
>The couple involved are now planning to go to the US to have the treatment
>performed. Is this really ethical?
>They are going to be bringing a new life in the world. not becuase they will
>love and cherish this new life, but so they can use it to save the life of

Actually, aren't they only taking stem cells out of the umbilical cord, not
the baby itself? And how do you know they are not going to "love and
cherish" their new baby? I mean, duh-- they are already married and
obviously struggling to keep their family together. They are going through
hell to save the life of their toddler, so there is nothing that leads me
to believe that they won't also love the new baby as much as their previous
two children. The whole case doesn't strike me as morally or ethically
wrong at all.

Let me know how you feel about your child after you have spent almost a
year with it growing in your womb as a part of you, and then caring for its
every need for three years of it's life. How far would you be willing to
go to to save him? I wouldn't stand by helplessly and listen to some
fucking council of doctors and/or politicians and watch while my baby dies.
 Keep in mind I don't even _like_ kids. Well, at least I can't stand other
people's children.

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