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Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 08:29:23 MDT

[Joe Dees] Tu quoque. You are doing exactly that, no matter how vehemently you deny it; your sources themselves share your biases, and that is my point. Ther is only one root estimate to which you are referring, by amnesty international, and a whole bunch of cross-post copycats of it.

[Hermit] I am with Mr Jenkins (infra). This is indeed becoming surreal. First you assert that individual deaths can be accounted for. When I ask for your list - or at least its source, you assert that all of the following sources - including eye-witnesses - derived their information from Amnesty International. Count them:

H.J. Chien
Pakistan Observer
The Guardian
Times of India
Los Angeles Times
The Boston Globe
The Washington Post
The Independent
The Frontier Post [Peshawar]
BBC News Online
Agence France Press

[Joe Dees]
Apparently you were right on this one; Amnesty International was quoting your
agenda-driven meta-study, too.

[Hermit referreed to]
Gulf War II - How a War With Iraq Will Change the World
It's not if but when. Here are the consequences.
d=208461) Authors: Bill Powell Dated: 2002-07-08

[Joe Dees]
<snip Hermit's cross-posted propaganda>

Joe, am I to understand that the aforementioned organization and media sources are biased and propagandastic?

That's quite a list if you consider that they are well-known to cover a broad range on the political spectrum.

I can hardly imagine that, for example, Amnesty International, BBC News Online, the Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine are conspiring together to undermine the US position in the Middle East through a media disinformation campaign.

I'm not attempting to trivialize your argument, nor anyone's on this list. I'm still undecided about what action the US should take, if any at all.

So, if anyone on the list has undeniable proof that the new sources they use are completely unbiased please forward me the names of the sources. I want a clear head going into this. And I don't need some dove or hawk tweaking with my brain.

Thank you! tongue2

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