Re:virus: The Middle-East \"crisis\", A Plausable Solution

Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 21:27:08 MDT

On 2 Aug 2002 at 19:47, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe Dees 2] That is a time-honored solution for the religion;
> twenty-two out of twenty-four global conflicts presently happening on
> the globe have, as their participants on one or both sides, Islamic
> regimes. And guess why? Because the religion is a fascist,
> world-conquering one, began by a murderous mercernary.
> [Hermit 3] Much the same can be said about Christianity. Have you read
> the "War Scroll"? How about, "Bring all those who would not have me
> reign over them and kill them before me" ["Jesus"] (cited from memory,
> so excuse any errors). Remember, this was used for centuries by the
> Church as a reason for executing "heretics and infidels." Just as
> other passages were used for centuries to justify slavery. Yet how
> many Christians argue today that slavery is justified by the babble
> and should be restored? All classical religious works are so
> contradictory that they are effectively meaningless - this goes for
> the JudeoChristian works as much as for the Islamic. So Nurgle is
> right. While all religions are harmful, the measure of harm is iun how
> it is interpretted, not in what it says.
> [Joe Dees 4] Interpretation of the Qu'Ran (literally, the
> Recitation)as any kind of a metaphor, simile or allegory is an Islamic
> apostasy. Having allegedly been transmitted directly from the lips of
> Allah's angelic messenger to the ears of Mohammed, it is considered by
> all nonapostate Muslims as infallible and literally true.
> [Hermit 5] And are the baptists any different? Yet there is no doubt
> that for the majority of those who identify themselves as Christians
> today, their interpretation is dramatically different from what it
> was, say 200 years ago. Of course, there are anomolies. Refer e.g.
> "Children of a White God: A Study of Racist “Christian” Theologies",
> The Human Nature Review 2001 Volume 1: 1-27, 23 October 2001
> ( THis article also
> compares radical Christianity with radical Islam.
Remember my point concerning the contemorary domestication of the
vast majority of Christianity by the Enlightenment and modernity. You
do not, as I have stated before, find roving bands of fundie Christians
attempting to kill all the pagans they can find, despite the Biblical
injunction that "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", you DO find a vast
global organized terrorist network pledges to Allah to kill the Infidels, as
the Qu'ran demands.
> [Hermit 5] You miss the point that just as there are many Christians
> who don't particularly want to attack anyone, there are large numbers
> of Muslim who feel the same way. But in the case of the Muslim, you
> look at the fanatic and say "typical" while in the case of the
> Christian, you say exception. It just makes you look silly.
> [Joe Dees 4] The christian horrors to which you dearly love to refer,
> the Crusades and the Inquisition chief among them, happened hundreds
> of years ago, during the Christian Dark Ages, before Christianity,
> over the course of centuries, modified under the pressures of the
> Enlightenment and modernity. The problem we are faced with is that
> Islam's Dark Ages are occurring as we speak, and contemporary weapons
> are light-years more massively lethal.
> [Hermit 5] If you imagine that I "dearly love to refer" to any
> horrors, you are wrong. If you imagine I am unaware of moder weapon
> systems, you are wrong. Seeing as you choose to raise the subject, the
> Christians have done a massively good job of slaughtering, cheating
> and impoverishing Muslims for centuries. Perhaps in the last 100 years
> it hasn't ostensibly been for religious reasons on the Christians
> part, but I can't find it irrational of the Muslim to think otherwise.
You have obviously, whether you are consciously aware of it or not,
bought heart and soul into Muslim victimology, a view which praises all
those killed for Islam, be they Islamic martyrs or infidel devils, and
deplores those who would kill Islamic murderers, either in response, or
to prevent them from racking up further infidel trophys on their belts for
the greater Glory of Islam. Check your memetic infection: it appears
ideologically terminal. I expect any day to read that you have
massacred masses of infidel devils in the name of the murderous
> [Joe Dees 4] You probably also agree with the Blood Libel.
> [Hermit 5] You really are deteriorating, aren't you Joe? If you next
> call me a Nazi, I'm going to invoke Godwin's Law.
No, I would only label you a religio-political neonazi sympathizer.
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