Re: Re:virus: Finding the Golden Mean Middle Way

From: Ben (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 13:28:45 MDT

> [Joe 1]
> And those who empathize with dead terrorists most likely
> empathized with them when they were alive; that is a wash, or a net
> negative, since dead terrorists reduce the total.
> [ben 2]
> sigh... so now every non-US casualty in Afghanistan was a terrorist?
> Should we start murdering brown people onsight Joe?
[Joe 3]Nope, not every one, but there were many less non-terrorist deaths
than the 9/112800, and their deaths, unlike thedeaths of the civilian
citizens in the Twin Towers, were accidental and unintended. Or does
it take a Venn Diagram to illustrate that popint for you?

[ben 4]

No diagram required, and I never have question the balance of the dead or
the intentions that killed them. However, again you are responding to some
imagined statement on my part and avoiding the real issue. You are claiming
that all the non-US dead in Afghanistan were terrorists. I call, in your own
words, bullus shittus on that assertion and hereby give you the opportunity
to either retract or explain. Or at least to reply with an addendum that
explains your feelings for those who empathize not for dead terrorists but
for needlessly murdered civilians... OF ANY NATION.


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