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Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 03:43:08 MDT

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> Thank you, rhinoceros. I have snipped the relevant portion of the summary
> my reply to Uncle Jonathan.
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> Summary
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>In the absence of a response
> from Israel, the United Nations has relied on public statements of Israeli
> officials and publicly available documents of the Government of Israel
> relevant to the request in resolution ES-10/10.
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In short, Israeli did not even make its own case and it was still completely
exonerated. The report makes it clear who the villains in this encounter
were and confirms what was hitherto condemned as Israeli propaganda - namely
that the Palestinians tuned that portion of the refugee camp into a fortress
and deliberately put their own civilians in danger. The fact that so many
Palestinians had their feet or hands blown off by Palestinian booby traps
attests to this fact.

Do I take it you and rhinoceros still think a massacre happened in Jenin?
Given there is no evidence to support this allegation at all, I can only
assume your belief is based on bad faith towards Israel.



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