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From: Casey (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 17:15:36 MDT

Rampant lawsuits of this nature have done a grave disservice to the legal system in the United States.

Have you ever noticed all of the ridiculous "warning labels" attached to almost everything we buy? I mean, come on, use some common sense.

If only people could assume just a little responsibility for their actions---but, nope, not in the US. Everyone else is to blame, except me, me, me. I'm under the assumption this is the McDonald's case in which a woman purchased her coffee at the drive-thru and spilt it on herself. If that is true then what the hell was she thinking? That old broad, yep that's what she is, has been on this planet how long? And she didn't think to place the coffee in a cup holder before driving away? OK, maybe she didn't have a cup holder; if that was the case then go out and buy one before buying your caffeine fix.

Now, I've spilt coffee on myself numerous times. But, if I spilt coffee on my lap as she did I would curse myself and my stupidity for not having placed it in a cup holder if I were in a car, or if I were at home I would curse myself and my coordination for not handling the cup of STEAMING HOT coffee with a bit more care. But, I certainly wouldn't even begin to consider suing someone for MY own mistakes.

As for the dude stealing the hubcaps from the car...hmmm...the driver should have backed up and run him down. No witnesses, no complaint for stealing hubcaps to be filed with the police, and no frivolous lawsuits to be brought before the courts.

Bye bye!

ps. Lucifer can you find a smiley that looks like John McLaughlin? wacko

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