Re:virus: Ann Coulter\'s Rant/Rave

Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 13:06:22 MDT

On 1 Aug 2002 at 4:44, kharin wrote:

> "In this case, just as with the Soviet case, the US sees itself threatened
> globally, and for good reason. The only law that the adversaries
> recognize is Shar'ia."
> Am I to take it that an illegal attack on Iraq, a state which is essentially a
secular totalitarian dictatorship (and which is not governed by Shar'ia),
which the support of various Islamic fundamentalist dictatorships such
Saudi Arabia (which is governed by Shar'ia) will be neccessary, is being
justified as opposition to the threat of Shar'ia as a form of global
hegemony? May I respectfully observe that this list of allies and
adversaries are currently in the wrong order? Should you not get on the
hotline to the Whitehouse and point this out?
No, the justifications for deposing the Iraqi regime were clearly laid out
previously (six separate points, I believe). They have to do with the
bloodthirsty lust for power evident in the Tikrit-based Saddam Hussein
clan which rules that nation.
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