RE: virus: Pre-emptive Self Defence

From: Blunderov (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 01:32:04 MDT

L' Ermit wrote:
Does it work this way for people? If not, why not?

So why should it work for nations?

I would agree but, as I profoundly observed in another post, it's a
wicked world. The following quote from Niccolo Machiavelli seems
appropriate, especially in relation to President Bush, an avowed

"It must be understood that a prince, especially a prince who has but
recently attained power, cannot observe all those virtues for which men
are reputed good, because it is often necessary to act against mercy,
against faith, against humanity, against frankness, against religion in
order to preserve the state (2nd term of office ? Bl.) Thus he must be
disposed to change according as the winds of fortune and the alteration
of circumstances dictate. As I have already said he must stick to the
good as long as he can, but being compelled by necessity he must be
ready to take the way of evil.
(The Prince)"

Warm regards

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