Re: virus: Re:Joe Dees\' Bulk Posts

From: Zloduska (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 17:47:29 MDT


>Joe Dees is one of the most cherished and respected members of this
>community. Try reading what he writes and you may understand why.

I don't think the issue at hand here is exactly what Joe does write-- it's
about all the stuff he doesn't write that he pastes and forwards. I want
him to stick around as well, and keep writing posts and replies, but I
don't like the zillions of Pagan/Philosophy emails in my Inbox either.
It's not his fault they don't interest me, but lately I've been super
stressed and lacking any spare time for email/internet stuff, so the bulk
emails aren't really welcome to me either. It's pretty likely that anyone
who doesn't have time to sit around for hours reading CoV email feels the
same way. I agree that numerous posts (not your own writing esp.) belong
in their own category on the BBS.

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