Re: Re:virus: Ann Coulter\'s Rant/Rave

From: ben (
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 18:22:28 MDT

So, are you sure you are not an extremist? That would make sense if
you take into account that you are arguing for neat solutions.

Ann Coulter is on one side of me, and Scatflinger and Hermit is on the
other. Since there are positions on both sides of my own, I do not fit the
definition I profferred.

[ben] <pedant>
According to one of your own observations earlier, the spectrum is more of a
ring, with extremists at opposite sides often meeting in a 'middle ground'
where a surprising number of their viewpoints coincide. Therefore, everybody
has somebody on either side of them. Remembering that in conjunction with
your statement above, I think you just proved that there are no


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