Re: Re:virus: Ann Coulter\\\'s Rant/Rave

From: Ben (
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 16:49:55 MDT

We should have done then (when the Soviets left) what we
are doing now; encouraging a moderate and participatory democracy
there, while attempting to attenuate some of the more rabid strains of
islamic fundamentalism that we had previously encouraged as a means to
that end.

Stepping back from this specific argument for a moment...

I think that there are several of us who are having a similar problem with
your general stance as you have with ours - you are portraying yourself as
being unreservedly pro-American, and in the process of refuting your
propositions we come across to you as being completely entrenched in
anti-American dogma. I am glad to read your recent admissions that the US
has made mistakes in the past, and that admission makes me more likely to
lend credence to your other and future posts. Now instead of thinking that
you are infected with the "My country right or wrong always" meme, I am left
wondering if you have a case of "My country right or wrong right now". In
order to better understand your memeplex in order to more effectively
converse with you I would like to ask: Do you believe that the current
government sincerely has the best interests of both US and other citizens in
mind when making all foreign policy decisions?


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