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Date: Sun Jul 28 2002 - 12:01:39 MDT

On 28 Jul 2002 at 19:31, Blunderov wrote:

> wrote:
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> some people on this list
> would seem to prefer that they kill innocent citizens.
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> [Blunderov]
> Dear Joe,(if you were by any chance entertaining the notion) please do
> not include me amongst their number! I have a very big problem with, for
> instance, 5 yr olds being raped and killed. I am fully in favour of
> incarceration for life in appropriate cases. No question.
> Perhaps this cost is, unfair to the taxpayer though it is, one of those
> burdens that society must bear, like making provision for the insane and
> dispositions for the destitute elderly, defense, education and so forth.
> Perhaps Justice simply isn't available at bargain prices?
> Warm regards
But now that the issue of inter-inmate violence has been raised by
Walpurgis, can we really afford to isolate and thus protect them from
each other as well as protect ourselves from them? Would this option
not only be prohibitively expensive, but also would such isolation not, in
and of itself, constitute cruelty of a different sort?

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