Re: virus: OZ (an amiable encounter with ultraviolence)

Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 15:53:46 MDT

On 27 Jul 2002 at 22:58, Dr Sebby wrote:

> ...Joe, i dont really have any personal problems with extreme punishment
> including torture even for people that commit truly merciless,protracted and
> pre-meditated acts of violence or abuse on others. but the issue is that
> across-the-board treatment of this sort cannot be done since it is very
> possible that the wrong guy may be convicted.
> ...prison rape is another issue. if we knowingly endorse and laugh about
> innocent people getting repeatedly ass-raped and often times infected with
> HIV over the course of years, then any claims as to sympathy for a little
> girl seems pretty much like insinsere bullshit. it sounds more like people
> dont really give a fuck at all, they just want to be seen standing up and
> pumping their fist into the air in support of the good and noble cause of
> the day - and certainly a cute 5yr old is gonna score them some brownie
> points while some blue collar ex-con isnt very likely to.
> ...imagine this, your neighbor resents your dog pooping on his lawn, so he
> calls the feds reporting that you are growing pot plants...they come, bust
> you for that, or perhaps find all sorts of pirated software on your
> computer, or on burned cd's....the judge is a hard ass and you end up with
> 2yrs in prison....where you get forcibly sodomized on a weekly basis...and
> then contract HIV. youre released from prison, your health care wont cover
> the hiv meds, your wife has to leave you, and you have all the sweet
> memories of jailhouse rape in your mind while you wait around to die for the
> next several years. last i checked, our penal system wasnt supposed to
> issue sentences of repeated rape and infection with deadly diseases. if we
> close our eyes to this, we are supporting it...which makes any brownie
> points you mightve got from the little girl, pretty much vanish.
I have already stated that I neither support penalties for victimless
crimes nor do I support mixing violent and nonviolent criminals in prison
> drsebby.
> "Courage...and shuffle the cards".
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