Re: virus: memes, supernaturalisms, and memory (was"father" of "memetics")

Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 22:30:45 MDT

[Jake1] From the memes-eye PoV this is sufficient to ensure at least some
continuity and transmission. My actual belief in these things would just be
a bonus, though not necessary.

[Walter] If there's anything I've learned from you and the other 'ole timers
that veracity is not a "required" attribute of a successful meme.

[Jake2] Its important to some people, and certain types of veracity on the
whole can encourage more symbiotic strategies with hosts than not, but as you
say its certainly not required. And on some level or another we have to
learn to at least appreciate other meme strategies as to some extent this
helps us understand ourselves better as human animals, and perhaps to even
out-compete some of them for a fitness more favorable to hosts. Also, what
seems patently ridiculous and false on one level, may in fact impart a
certain veracity on another metaphorical level, and as striving memetic
engineers we need to remain on the lookout for good strategies that co-opt
these kinds of things when and where they work. What one person may see as
an absurdity or an irrational supernaturalism on one level, may actually work
as a good mnemonic device for useful information on a totally different level.

much love and carrying on,


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