Re: virus: Is child molestation a sickness or a crime? - Szasz

From: Dr Sebby (
Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 17:29:40 MDT

....ok joe, i call foul on you here. you know very well this isnt the issue
at hand! you are playing along with that age old game that virians dont
subscribe to....the one where you take a very
easy/popular/"im-the-good-guy,-see?" position and then rain down fire of
righteousness on anyone foolish enough to even consider starting a debate
remotely related to the current vehicle of
this case the rape and murder of a 5 yr old. know very well that walpurgis has no issue with the wrongness of the
act; you know VERY well. so why did you try this line of attack out? he
wasnt defending or supporting the accused...he was merely telling you that
prison rape should not be something humorous or amusing to us on the
outside. are you suggesting that we should sentence people to be forceably
raped in the ass by untested and unprotected fellow inmates on a regular
basis? do you know how many innocent people are convicted each year? do
you know how many people are in prison for ridiculous reasons? least
1.3 million a year go in for drugs alone! and you think the prison rape
thing is something to ignore? you are having a serious breakdown in your
reasoning over this. the way...which would be worse...the 5yr old being raped and murdered
or a 10yr old ugly girl? how about an 18 yr old? a 21 yr old? the best
answer would probably be that an 18 yr old or a 21 yr old would be the more
grevious crime, but i'd wager you'll vote for the 5 yr old just based on how
many of your heart strings it pulls. this is not a sound platform for you
to be making assessments from.


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