virus: online confessional (was...Is child molestation a sickness or a crime...)

Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 12:27:56 MDT

[Joedees] Bibliophilia means the excessive love of books. It does not mean
stealing books from libraries.

[Jake] I think I have this disorder. And though I do not steal books from
libraries, I have known myself to steal books that I believed were otherwise
neglected. For example, some years back I remember eating in some kitschy
restaurant that had a few stuffed bookshelves for atmosphere. One of the
books caught my eye (though I now have little recollection of the details,
I'm sure it was "asking for it"), and I figured nobody else was going to read
it, or even notice its absence, so I "liberated" it from an otherwise boring
existence. I even read it, though I couldn't tell you today what it was
about. I guess that's just the nature of my disease.

Anybody else want to confess to similar or other abnormal perversions?

The online confessional is open for business. (with much gratitude to Dr.
Sebby for first sharing his "flat out drunk" escapades with us)

much love,


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