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Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 05:50:33 MDT

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> > How fantastically twisted. Considering how thoughtful you usually
> > seem
> to be, I'm amazed you can make such an argument. I suppose you
> believe
> "cruel and unusual punishment" is fine then?
> >
> I rather view it as appropriately reciprocal; on fact, kinda
> tit-for-tat.

I see - eye for an eye.

In which case, you moral system is opposed to mine and I'm not sure I could ever
convince you otherwise. If the spiralling violence throughout history caused by the
revenge ethic isn't enough to convince you of the idiocy (and irrationality) of this
position, then I never will.

> > Male rape in prisons is not going to help anyone
> empathise.

> Do you speak from experience? Are you a convicted rapist
> subjected to such raw justice?

Do you speak from experience? do you know that being raped in turn will help you
empathise with your own victims?

Don't be silly Joe, one can form opinions based on research and resulting
discussion without having to personally experience the debated subject. If you
believe otherwise, then you should be more quiet than you are.

> > "Victims of rape often suffer
> extreme psychological stress, a condition identified as "rape trauma
> syndrome." Many inmate victims with whom Human Rights Watch has been
> in contact have reported nightmares, deep depression, shame, loss of
> self-esteem, self-hatred, and considering or attempting suicide. > And
> out-of-prison rape victims do not? > > Another devastating consequence
> of prisoner-on-prisoner rape discussed in the report is the
> transmission of the HIV virus. Several prisoners with whom Human
> Rights Watch is in contact believe that they have contracted HIV, the
> virus that causes AIDS, through forced sexual intercourse in prison."
> > Perhaps you should read
> 0419.htm before pressing on with this foul argument.

> And
> out-of-prison rape victims do NOT have to deal with such fears?

Of course they do! What is this question meant to illustrate? It does not soften the
impact of prison rape.

> Helping rapists (or any other criminal) empathise with their victim is
> more complex than the bizarre and repulsive picture you paint.

> > Sometimes the simplest is best (cf. Occam's Razor), especially when
> we are dealing with individuals ruled by their reptilian brain stems.

A sweeping and simplistic generalisation. I suppose all criminals can be dealt with
such easy biological explanations.



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