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> > I would agree such an act is wrong. I would disagree that the
> > offender needs incarceration. Rather, I would argue the criminal
> > needs a different kind of justice - a kind that would facilitate a
> > wider and the deep sense of empathy and respect in the criminal,
> > which would result in the end of such behaviours.
> >
> In prison, the perpetrator would most likely become a serial/multiple
> rape victim (inmates love to rape child molestors), and would then be
> able to more clearly empathize with such a position in both a wider
> and deeper context.

How fantastically twisted. Considering how thoughtful you usually seem to be, I'm amazed you can make such an argument. I suppose you believe "cruel and unusual punishment" is fine then?

Male rape in prisons is not going to help anyone empathise.

"Victims of rape often suffer extreme psychological stress, a condition identified as "rape trauma syndrome." Many inmate victims with whom Human Rights Watch has been in contact have reported nightmares, deep depression, shame, loss of self-esteem, self-hatred, and considering or attempting suicide.

Another devastating consequence of prisoner-on-prisoner rape discussed in the report is the transmission of the HIV virus. Several prisoners with whom Human Rights Watch is in contact believe that they have contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, through forced sexual intercourse in prison."
Perhaps you should read
before pressing on with this foul argument.
Helping rapists (or any other criminal) empathise with their victim is more complex than the bizarre and repulsive picture you paint.

> > Personally, I do not support either strand of
> > the relativism vs absolutism debate -

> In which case you agree
> that not only every thing, but also everything, cannot be (equally)
> relative; absolute relativism simply lacks identifiable referents.

I do agree, yes.
But nevertheless, moral systems do not exist - only when we apply them to real circumstances do they exist. Without the human experiences and dilemma, there would be no moral system.


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