Re:virus: The Baudrillard version of Postmodernist Self-Contradiction

Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 10:24:14 MDT

On 25 Jul 2002 at 4:52, kharin wrote:

> "Philosophers have always made claims to
> inferring/perceiving/theorising a reality no-one else has access to."
> Well quite. In which case, is the Baudrillardian contention really different in kind to Plato's notions of forms or Kantian conceptions of the noumenal? As Nitetzche curtly put it, "The "apparent" world is the only one: the "true" world is merely added by a lie."
Which is exactly why the one unsuperceded philosophy -
phenomenology - is a philosophy of phenomena - what appears to
perception. Technologically augmented perception just adds a
hermeneutic dimension to the existentially self-evident apodicticity of
presence to self-conscious awareness.

Check out EXPANDING HERMENEUTICS: Visualism in Science
by Don Ihde
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