Re: virus: "The Voice of the Lonely Crowd" by Martin Amis

From: Andy Brice (
Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 04:20:15 MDT

From: <>
(I assume this bit is a quote from Amis:)
> ...After September 11, writing fiction seemed a pointlessly
> indulgent exercise. ...

September 11 was only one of many, many incidents in which innocents have
been deliberately slaughtered. A few others spring to mind: year zero in
Cambodia, the rape of Nanking, the Holocaust. They all dwarf September 11 in
number of innocents killed.

If fiction was "pointlessly indulgent" after 11 Sept, then it was
pointlessly indulgent before 11 Sept.

Unless, of course, its only dead Americans that count.

Andy Brice

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