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From: Dr Sebby (
Date: Sat Jul 20 2002 - 23:43:09 MDT

...yeah, that's pretty much the jist of it. but the fact of the matter is
that i truly do not oppose drunk driving laws...i think they are a bit harsh
however since they are in response to a tiny minority of "problem
drunks"....who will likely be the last to even care about them since they
are generally on auto-pilot when they start drinking. about a DMV test on individuals and their reactions?...i know i know,
nevermind. if we really wanted to change things, we'd install teleportation
machines in all bars!

...and no matter how much you nagged me, i dont kill. especially you. and by
the way, i very rarely drink and was my birthday however and i
decided i would allow myself to. and i was very capable at the time, dont
get me wrong. in fact i make extra effort to plan ahead to avoid such
situations. more later.

[Mermaid]Nothing has changed. The position is still the same. Do NOT drink
and drive. DrSebby is essentially saying the same thing to others, but he is
claiming that he is superior to everyone else in that his drunk driving can
be forgiven and he gives his word..HIS WORD that he will not harm anyone on
the road. It is worth what it is worth. It is certainly not worth the breath
of life or even the cost of mending a broken fence. Definitely not worth the
time spent battling the insurance folks.

"Courage...and shuffle the cards".

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