virus: Re:Drink driving

From: Andy Brice (
Date: Sat Jul 20 2002 - 14:59:12 MDT

> [Hermit] Nope. I have just spent far too much time pointing out that the
laws as currently implemented are intrusive and ineffective, in that they
intrude on the lives of responsible people, and are ignored by the
irresponsible. This perhaps indicates the way to success.
> [Hermit] 1 Prevention: Implement performance based testing using something
like the system described in "virus: Interesting technology", RavenBlack,
08;start=0) as an integral (and continuously operating) component of motor
vehicles. [Hermit: Note that the original link in the article no longer
functions, but I assume that it relates to the EyeCheck produced by MCJ Inc.
of Rockford, Ill.] ....

Its an interesting idea, especially if it can also detect impairment due to
tiredness/drugs etc. But I wonder just how well the dilation response time
correlates to reaction times and judgement impairment. I don't see any
detailed information on the web site:

It could be a bit unfortunate for anyone who has an uncharacteristic
dilation response though!

Andy Brice

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