virus: A bit of irony... or perhaps not

From: Steve Parrott (
Date: Sat Jul 20 2002 - 12:42:11 MDT

The local radio talk show host read an article from the AP wire services that I found "amusing". Seems a funeral service was being held in a church and a guest speaker, (also a preacher), was supposed to sing a song only.
Turns out this preacher was not much of a friend of the dear departed and told the congregation that the deceased was going to HELL, and he also began deriding the congregation, telling them how evil and sinful they were. The result. The preacher was taken outside and beaten to a pulp by many of the good Christian, God loving, members of the church.

So I guess the moral is: ... don't tell any good, religious, people that they are less than kind and loving and not free of "sin", or they will beat you half to death to show you how wrong you are.

Lord have mercy... "religious" people never cease to amaze me! :-)


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