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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 01:17:01 MDT

[geneligman 1]
[Hermit 2]
[geneligman 1] does anyone care enough about what they read on this BBS ( to actually respond to posts? Rhino does at least. Kudos to you Rhino.

[geneligman 1] The silence I have had on previous posts has been deafening, or at least.....silencing.
[Hermit 2] Thank-you for your feedback and contributions. I've been away from the net for about a month - which I hope explains why I have not responded to your posts until now. I'm slowly catching up and will attempt to respond where appropriate.

[Hermit 2] Probably one reason that there have not been a lot of responses is because the BBS system is a relatively new innovation and most Virians are probably still accessing the church via the mail list. We anticipate that the BBS will eventually become the primary interface. In the meantime, the more material is generated here, and the higher the quality of the dialog, the more of an incentive will exist to draw users to this more formal process. Your comments and postings contribute greatly to this process and are appreciated.

[Hermit 2] Your thanks to "Rhinoceros" are well placed, but he is certainly not alone. I notice that, for example, Kharin, David Lucifer, nrv8, Zloduska, Walpurgis, limbic and Jake have all posted messages and are involved in building the BBS through their interaction on it.

[Hermit 2] A further opportunity to become involved in the CoV and furthering of her aims exists in the form of our IRC server. Simply join #virus on or use the chat button on the BBS after logging into it. People who have trouble getting this working could write to or

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